COERR and Refugees Celebrate International Day of Peace , September 21, 2013

COERR and the Refugee Peace Committee celebrated the World Peace Day in 9 camps: COERR Mae Hong Son organized in Ban Mai Nai Soi Camp, Muang District, and Ban Mae Surin in Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province; COERR Mae Sarieng organized in Ban Mae Lama Luang and Ban Mae La Oon Camps in Mae Sarieng District of Mae Hong Son Province; COERR Mae Sot organized in Mae La Camp of Tha Song Yang District, Umpiem Camp in Pobpra District and Nupo Camp in Umpang District of Tak Province. COERR Kanchanaburi organized in Ban Don Yang Camp of Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi Province and BanTham Hin Camp in Ratchaburi Province.

The activities are aimed at raising awareness about peace and reconciliation among refugees, both young and adult, in each camp in hoping that they will understand peace and living in peace.

Activities in each camp are designed to serve one similar goal, i.e. peace and unity among refugees from every ethnic groups living in the same camp.

Therefore, the representatives from all religions and faith in camp: Christianity, Buddhism, Islamism and Ethnic Religion are present to give Peace Speeches, followed by the speech of the camp commander, refugee leader, NGOs’ representatives. There are also candle lighting and prayers for peace ceremony, followed by peace performance by Peace Youth Groups, traditional and cultural dance and performance by each of 8 ethnic groups, singing contest, drawing competition and essay writing by students about peace as well as musical performance. The afternoon session is the friendship football played by COERR, other NGOs and peace committee.

All performance and activities are celebrated with joy and appreciation of hundreds of peace-loving participants in each camp including the Ministry of Interior Camp Commander and staff, UNHCR, Camp Committee, Karen Women’s Organization, Peace Committee, and interested audience.

“World Peace Day” on 21 September in Ban Mai Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps started with writing words of peace. The theme is “Peace Begins with you”

Drawing completion at Ban Mae Surin camp

The Quiz-program by the Peace Committee and members at Ban Mae Surin camp

World Peace Day ceremony at Mae Sariang Camp during 20-21 September 2013

World Peace Day in Ban Mae La, Ban Umpiem and Ban Nupo Camps under the theme “ Education for Peace” to promote knowledge and understanding about peace building and relationship strengthening among refugees from various ethnic groups.

World Peace Day Event at Umpiem camp 
Cultural Performances of the ethnic groups as a symbol of their wish to live together in peace

World Peace Day in Mae La Camp “ Education for Peace”

World Peace Day Ceremony in Ban Don Yang and Ban Tham Hin camps