COERR’s Promotion of Livelihood Skills for self reliance among refugee youth

This program has been launched in camps where refugee youth gathered in groups according to their interest and proposed a livelihood activity to COERR. When the plan was approved, they would receive training and supplies that enable them to start such activity. This enables youth to participate in planning and running a project initiated by themselves. The outcomes are knowledge and knowhow from technical training for production and small scale business operation, leadership and capacity building from team-working which should benefit in their future third country resettlement or home repatriation.

COERR Mae Hong Son has several youth groups participating in the following Livelihood Program during the last quarter of the year: Recycling Group: Buying and selling used cans and plastic bottles for recycling

Cricket raising in plastic boxes at the basement of the house

Grown up crickets

Fish raising Group : According to one of the Fish-raising refugee groups, this project provided a great experiences and different techniques of fish care such as avoid raising fish in the cold season as fish eat less and grow slowly. This project also allowed them to practice and get a better understanding of the importance of self-reliance.

Pig raising Group’s product. Some pigs will be sold. Some will be used for breeding.

Cooperative shop in Ban Mae Surin camp

Cooperative shop in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp

Training and products of candle making groups in various designs and shapes

Balm Making is produced and available for sale in the cooperative shop in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp. Profit from selling is used as a revolving fund for continuation of the activity.

Soap making training using the standard formula that produced the good quality soap