Pastoral Service During December 2013

COERR rendered pastoral care and organized Christmas celebration in refugee camps together with home visit for elderly to distribute sweaters for elderly and school uniform for children.

Pastoral Work - Sunday School in Ban Don Yang Camp

Christmas Party for Elderly refugees in the Ban Don Yang camp in Kanchanaburi Province

Christmas Mass and Blessing of the Crib were celebrated by Rev.Fr. Justin at Ban Don Yang camp on December 17-18. While Mass in Ban Tham Hin Camp was celebrated on December 29, 2013. Home visit was paid to elderly houses.

Home Visit for Elderly

Christmas was celebrated for refugee staff in COERR Community-based Waste Management Office of Mae La camp, Tak Province

Christmas Celebration at Ban Nupo camp, Tak Province

Visit and distribute used school uniform to children

Visit and distribute used sweaters to elderly