COERR Maesod and the “Children of New Generation, Heart for Recycling”

During March – April was the time for a School Break Activity. This year, COERR and Child Protection Committee (CPC) Nupo camp, Tak Province, organized an activity under the concept “Children of New Generation, Heart for Recycling” to raise awareness of children in environmental preservation and waste management. Around 300 schoolchildren aged 12-18 years together with Child Protection Committee (CPC), HOM Volunteers and COERR staff, totaling 400, participated in the following prepared activities:
          - Contest for best recycled material production
          - Contest for best essay writing on “My Story in Nupo Camp”
          - Environmental preservation campaign consisting of garbage collection and public awareness raising.

On April 9, 2013, all participants came to the gathering in the morning in which all the recycled products and clothes were presented and best essays were read. In the afternoon, participants were divided into groups to do the cleaning campaign such as collecting garbages in houses, streams, roads and various public places to keep the camp clean and safe for their healthy living.

Later COERR played the video showing the fire incidents in Umpiem and Ban Mae Surin camps in Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces and explanation about fire disasters which were among the most threatening disasters in refugee camps especially during the dry season and the importance of fire preparedness.

Moreover, the Mine risk education was provided, by Handicapped International staff, to impart knowledge about how to identify and avoid any unknown or suspected objects that might be landmines and whom to inform for proper mine clearance.

The preparation of this activity last from March – April that kept the youth busy working together in creating recycled products and by this way, they have developed team-working skills as well as became more aware of environmental protection issue.

At the end of the event, there was a session in which participants wrapped up their experience as a lesson learned.

The Environmental Protection Activity under the theme “Children of New Generation, Heart for Recycling” with the highlighted – Recycled Product contest and an essay contest.

Presenting recycled products and clothes

Environmental Protection and Campaign through garbage collection, camp cleaning and community awareness raising

Video show about fire in Umpiem and Ban Mae Surin camps and disaster preparedness tips by COERR