COERR has organized consultation meetings with youths in the nine border refugee camps

COERR has organized consultation meetings with youths in the nine refugee camps to provide an opportunity for them to voice their opinions on current living conditions, concerns on their education opportunity, child protection issues, as well as future plan if repatriation occurs. The process involved 3 steps: Preparation, Consultations and Presentations to the participants at the Dialogue Session.

Youth Dialogues in Mae Hong Son’s Ban Mai Nai Soi camp

COERR Mae Hong Son has organized Youth Dialogues in Ban Mai Nai Soi refugee camp to voice their opinions. The process involved 3 steps: Preparation, Consultations and Presentations, arranged on February 9 and 16, 2013, and June 3, 2013. In a creative way the participants were encouraged to brainstorm about the current situation in the camp, child rights awareness, their main concerns, what to do to support their community, the support they need from adult, and their expectation/wish.

COERR Mae Sarieng and Mae Sot organized Dialogue with Refugee Children / Voices of the Youth

COERR Mae Sarieng organized the Training on Dialogues with Children

On April 10, 2013, COERR Mae Sarieng held the Dialogue with Children in Mae Lama Luang Camp, Mae Sarieng District, Mae Hong Son province. The training is an effort to have youth and adults meet, discuss, share and exchange their information and point of view through questions and answers.

The sessions allowed 56 youth participants to share their view about the following 7 concerns: Uncertain future of the camps, Education, Food and living, Basic rights to leave the camp for further education and to learn about life outside; Third country resettlement; Healthcare, Alcohol and drug treatment.

Then the relief organizations concerned in each topic answer in explanation to make it clear for youth leaders to understand.

Youth Dialogue Sessions were also held in Mae La camp on April 24 and in Nupo camp on April 26, respectively. In Mae La camp 17 youths and 14 guest agencies participated in youth dialogue session while 31 youths and 13 guest agencies participated in the same sessions in Nupo camp.

Points of concerns shared amongst the youths involved their living quarters, education, health, food rations and security.

This two-way communication training had a very positive atmosphere and outcome of learning and understanding of two generations. The youth are energetic and active to express their opinion about many things around them. They have an opportunity to take leadership role in preparing data for questioning and discussion, while adults also learn about the youths’ opinion which might be useful in their work.

COERR wish that the “voice of children will be heard” and dialogue sessions among children and adults will continue in the future.