COERR Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son Team Staff Rendered Emergency Response Services To Ban Mae Surin Children Affected by Disastrous Fire

In order to offer distraction activity to children affected by the fire incident in Ban Mae Surin camp in Mae Hong son Province that took place on March 22, 2013, several children activities were carried out by COERR Mae Hong Son and other field offices. COERR Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son team staff also provided the mobile CHILD FRIENDLY SPACES (CFS) for children in different sections, as follows:

Although difficult conditions like having only a few number of materials that made up a temporary movable Child Friendly Space, the children happily joined the activities. In Section 4, parents also showed interest and even joined the activities. Due to the enthusiastic participation on April 2, an appointment was made to continue the children activities for the next day.

After the very successfully implemented children activities from the previous days, the children already awaited COERR and enjoyed the games a lot which lead them to distraction from the stressful time and enjoyed the time away from the stressful situation they are going through.

Enthusiastic participation of children aged 2-12 in Activities held in Child Friendly Space on April 2, 2013

Continued successful distraction activities on April 3, 2013

April 4, Children enjoying new games including a “parachute” game that encourage creative and cooperative play and players.

The mobile Child Friendly activities for affected children in BMS are ongoing with the rotation of facilitator from COERR with youth volunteers from BMS camp as well as other organizations concerned.

Needs assessments and home visits by COERR
Mae Sot- Mae Hong Son ( Ban Mae Surin team) April 2-4, 2013
Also during April 2-4, 2013, the need assessments and home visits were conducted by COERR Mae Sot and Mae Hong Son team staff to visit unaccompanied minors and separated children affected by the fire incident in Ban Mae Surin camp, to investigate their situation, monitor their shelter, food and non food situation and recorded with needs assessment forms.

MST Program Officer visits KnFSP High School, temporary shelter for New Star Boarding House SC

(Left Photo) Mae Sot Program Officer interviews 5 Unaccompanied Minor cases at temporary emergency shelter at Section 4
(Right Photo) Needs assessment form: CSW interviews Separated Child in KNFP High School