COERR Mae Sod and Refugee Youth Groups Organizing “L.H. Fair: We Can Do It” at NUPO Camp

On December 20, 2013, COERR and the youth groups in the livelihood program organized an event to promote Sustainable Livelihood and Income Generation among refugee community members. It is an opportunity for youth groups to discuss and plan their own activities to be presented and displayed. During the L.H. Fair, shops of food and non-food products were available for sale; activities in the livelihood programs were shown such as vegetable gardening, fish and pig raising, candle and soap making, etc. Talent show and games were performed on stage.

The event was successful as it combined cooperation from many sectors concerned including youth, the committee and NGOs who participated and bought products in the fair which has been so encouraging for youth groups that the next “LH fairs” are planned to be organized soon.

Opening ceremony speech

Shops selling food and other products

Stage Performance by Refugee Youth Groups and Various Game Competitions for Kids