COERR Mae Sod in 3-R’s Make a Cleaner Environment…Everyone can do

During September – November 2013, COERR Mae Sod trained the youths about environmental education and campaigned for clean environment in Mae La Camp. COERR implemented the environmental education program to raise awareness of refugees in addressing environmental problems and waste management through 3 R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and also to keep the waterway in their community clean. The objective of the program is to draw community participation in environment protection and development for better living.

Environmental Education and Protection Activities conducted by COERR Staff Trainer

Explanation about how to reduce waste problems through 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Samples of Plastic Flowers made from used plastic bottles and straws abundant in their community are shown to the trainees.

The concrete benefits of the 3R are that their communities are cleaner, people are healthier in the cleaner environment and the youth can earn a living from selling waste that can be recycled. After the training, COERR trainer distributed cleaning materials to each trainee who agreed that they would take care of their environment through household waste separation and 3R.

Environmental Education training for youth and school, Mae La Camp on November 8, 2013 for 202 Participants.

Training Activity on October 24, 2013

Campaign Activity on October 18, 2013

The Clean-up Day of Mae La Camp was organized on October 14, 2013 to raise awareness of the refugee communities about undesired impacts from the inappropriate disposal of garbage, how to work together to keep the environment clean for the healthiness of their people and the communities where the streams pass. Campaign and coordination among all organizations in Mae La camp had taken place in encouraging refugees in Mae La camp to clean the waterway in order to keep their community clean and safe from pollution.

On November 26, 2013 Clean up day at Mae La Camp & Thai host community was launched by 400 refugees participating in cleaning stream, bridge and road sides from camp to the waste management site.