COERR Mae Sariang Distributed Relief Supplies to Victims of Landslides and Tree Falling

On August 20, 2013, heavy rainfalls that last for many days caused flashfloods and then landslides that covered the roads near Mae Sam Laebm, on the way to refugee camps. The high water level in Mae Lama Luang stream made the road impassable for cars and trucks. There were landslides in many areas in Section 1,6, 7 and 10 of Mae La Oon camp, as well as in Section 6 and 7 in Mae Lama Luang camp. In addition four houses, 2 in each camp, had been destroyed by landslides and trees falling. A refugee in Mae Lama Luang was slightly injured and taken to hospital. Relief supplies including kitchenware have been distributed to the needy by COERR.

Relief to the Affected Families in Ban Mae La Oon Camp

Relief to the Affected Families in Ban Mae La Ma Luang Camp