Case Management Training on “Case Conference” Held in Mae Hong Son

In January 2013, COERR Mae Hong Son conducted the Case Management Training on the topic “Case Conference” in Ban Mai Nai Soi in Muang District, Mae Hong Son Province on January 15-16th and in Ban Mae Surin Camp in Khun Yuam District on 22-23rd. The training outcome showed that participants comprising community service workers, child protection advocates and focal point, child protection committee, numbering 37 in Ban Mai Nai Soi camp and 17 in Ban Mae Surin knew how to conduct the individual case assessment and management, understand data-based management and child protection referral system. The study visit exposed the knowledge of camp base staff to understand other agencies working policy, and strengthening the networking among COERR and other social work agencies.

Role Playing about Case conference for more understanding

Study Visit to service providers in the camp strengthened the networking system