Agricultural and Environmental Protection and Development in Mae Hong Son Camps

On January 17-18, 2013, Agricultural & Environmental expert, Mr. Payong Srithong, who has been working as COERR Consultant since the beginning of the program in 1999, has paid his regular visit together with Community Agriculture Nutrition (CAN) Coordinator and COERR Mae Hong Son Field Manager to Ban Mai Nai Soi Camp in Mae Hong Son’s Muang District and Ban Mae Surin Camp in Khun Yuam District to discuss about this year planning of agricultural activity.

Refugee farmers at the new cultivated rental area near Ban Mai Nai Soi Camp can produce the total of 1,335 kg. of various kinds of vegetables this month. The rental area is now 100% used. Some of the vegetables will be consumed by farmers. The leftover product will be sold to customers, e.g. NGOs workers, and villagers nearby.

The pilot economic farm in Ban Mai Nai Soi had been implemented with the organic farming strategies, i.e. natural ways for soil improvement, proper irrigation system and seedling nursery.