In addition to the youth activities in Umpiem camp, COERR Mae Sod staff under the Healing of Memory and Reconciliation (HOM) Project also promote the youth activities for the young children and the teenagers in Mae La camp so that the target group can spend their free time during the school break to do the volunteer work for the benefit of the vulnerable people and the community in Mae La refugee camp.  The youth activities during school break consist of

1. Repair of the Vulnerable Persons’ Houses (EVIs) in Zone A This activity have been joined by 68 Youth and children and COERR volunteer workers in Mae La who gathered together to do the repair of 10 houses, 2 houses in each of  the 5 sections in which the most vulnerable persons in each of 5 section are living in.

The outcome of this activity is that the children and youth have learned to work together as a team, to sacrifice for others, especially the vulnerable people in the society, and to build up their volunteering spirit. After the work has been completed, staff and children and youth sit together and share their opinion about the activities they have just conducted in order to look at the meaning and value of the work. This should give them some thoughts about thinking of others and reducing selfishness.

2. Roof Repair for School in Zone B On April 10, 2012, COERR staff, Section Leader, School teachers, volunteer youth and children numbering 60 gathered and repaired the Zone B school roof.  Working as a big team makes the work finish fast in the morning and allow the afternoon time for sitting and reflecting the work they have done for the benefit of the school and all students.

3. Road and Walk Way Repair in Zone C On April 20, sixty-eight children and youth, 14 COERR refugee staff and 4 community volunteers have joined in the road and walk way repair work in which the schoolchildren daily use. This activity enables children to work together with community organizations. After the activity completed, the community committee have made a speech of admiration on the children’s dedicate work for mutual and public benefit.  It goes without saying that the children’s volunteer spirit is high when being appropriately guided.