World Refugee Day Event in Mae Hong Son Province

On June 19, 2012, the World Refugee Day and World Environment Day Ceremony was organized in the Lay Kho border village of Sob Moei district, for refugees from Mae Lama Luang Camp to celebrate with the Lay Kho Thai-Karen villagers, together with staff from District Office’s and Non-Government organizations including COERR. This annual event has been marked by several activities, i.e. speeches made by District Officials and NGOs’ representatives on the significance of the World Refugee Day in which refugees have been convinced of their living in dignity. Then it was time for the refugees to make their identity recognized through their valuable tradition and cultural performance.

World Refugee Day and World Environment Day at Ban Lay Kho Village


Ban Mae La Oon refugee camp in Mae Sarieng District also celebrated the World Refugee and World Environment Day which was held on June 20, 2012.  In the morning, the young refugees make their walking campaign on Environmental Protection. Over 400 people attended this event, consisting of children and youth, students and the section leaders, together with officers from Non-Government and Community-based organizations.  Then it was followed by statement about refugee situation reflected by refugee representatives, speeches for spiritual support for the refugees by Government and Non-Government Organizations’ Representatives. The afternoon session are highlighted by the sports competition for the unity of refugees in the camp.

World Refugee Day at the Mae-La -Oon Refugee Camp
Mae Sa Rieng District, Mae Hong Son Province


Since it was raining throughout the morning session, these refugees have to use umbrellas
and this makes a colorful scene of the world Refugee Day 2012