On April 18, 2012, COERR provide a training course on Preparation for the Small Scale Organic Farm Business in the third country for 39 refugees, covering 32 female and 7 male, in Mae Surin Camp in Mae Hong Son Province, on their preparation for third country resettlement.

The training course will include the preparation for small scale organic farm business and the household bookkeeping.  The training aims at preparing refugees for organic farming business in the third country by reviewing their former knowledge in soil improvement, use of herbs for pest repellent , disease control,  increasing production and yield, type of farm tools, packaging for value-added, technical English in the agricultural field; setting goals for farm business in 3 steps, i.e.  short, medium and long term (about 1, 2-5, and 5-10 years respectively).

The household bookkeeping  will enable them to record every expense incurred in the family and in their farm, as well as sources of farming income, such as income from selling agricultral products and non agricultural products, i.e. labor wages as well as subsidies from the government, etc.

Training of Preparation for the Small Scale Organic Farm Business in USA

Advantage from household bookkeeping are to keep evidence of income and expenditure which will be useful should they need to plan for borrowing money for investment from government or private sectors in the future.   Besides, household bookkeeping has been proved as a useful tool to make them more careful in spending money and lead to more awareness and saving.


Trainees are listing their incomes and expenses in the household bookkeeping