COERR Mae Sod support the roles of Refugee Children and Youth in Community Work Activities

To alleviate the suffering of the refugees whose houses were burned down in the biggest fire in Section 6-10 of Umpiem camp, Pop Pra District, Tak Province, on February 23, this year, COERR Mae Sod staff under the Healing of Memory and Reconciliation (HOM) Program together with 50 refugee volunteers from various groups namely, Youth Group, Peace Committee, Agricultural Workers and Community Service Workers (CSW) have gathered together in building 8 houses for the extremely vulnerable individuals (EVIs) who requested for their most needed things – a house.  Though the work is tough, these volunteers are happy to contribute their labor in construction, e.g. to dig the ground to build a new latrine, climb up the roof to place the roof leaves, etc.  The achievement of the work is not only having cooperation from various parties such as the Camp Committee, Peace Committee and Community Services Workers but also making the refugee volunteers happy by helping others in the society as well as promoting volunteering spirit amongst refugees in Umpiem camp.