Strategic Planning of COERR's Agriculture and Environment Team

During January 23-27, 2012, Agricultural and Environmental staff from all Field Offices: Mae Sod, Mae Sarieng, Mae Hong Son and Kanchanaburi, have attended a Strategic Planning of COERR held in Mae Sod, Tak Province. Apart from the meeting, an exposure trip was made to see the relevant activities carried out by COERR in Umpiem and Nupo camps and nearby Thai villages.

In 2012, the policy will focus on agricultural promotion and environmental protection for sustainability and self reliant of refugees in preparation for homeland repatriation, which is due to happen, sooner or later. The strategy is to produce food crops, and cash crops, farmers' grouping for mutual benefit purpose, such as for learning about buying seeds and tools in a mass for better price; for selling vegetables as income generation activity which will in turn, benefit the farmers eventually.