Program for Elderly in the Refugees camps

In October, COERR Mae Sot has also organized the activities for the elderly refugees in Umpiem, Nupo and Mae la camps.

In Umpiem camp the activity was held on 10 October 2012 with 30 participants and Nupo camp on 20 October 2012 with 29 participants. The camp activities included healthcare for the elderly, annual health check-up, self check-up at home such as observing eye sight, how to take medicine properly, proper nourishment (eating not more than 3 eggs per week and not chewing betel more than 3 times a day), how to do exercise at home, such as walking 3-5 times around one’s house, exercise by using a bamboo stick for arm, back, shoulder, waist and knee for better blood circulation, relaxing through singing, drinking soymilk. Then the elders shared their experience in their daily living and healthy life.

In Mae la Camp, the elderly activity was held on 12 October 2012, in which elders were debating on topic of advantages and disadvantages of resettlement in the third countries. At the end of the day, elders thanked each other for the good moments they had together.