'Workshop on Youth Leadership & Proposal Writing’

COERR Mae Sarieng staff have organized the Livelihood Program Workshop on Youth Leadership and Proposal Writing in Mae La Oon Camp during October 2-3, in which 124 youth participated and during October 4-5, in Mae Lama Luang Camp, Mae Hong Son Province for 100 young refugees. The contents of the workshop consisted of young leadership skill, team work, SWOT analysis and finally how to write the project proposal. The outcome of the program is that the proposal has been written, including objectives and overview through the analysis of strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the program. This activity has been participated by many young refugees who show their great interest in learning new concept. Their project proposals formulated by them are quite interesting.

Workshop in Mae La Oon camp during 2-3 October 2012

Workshop held in Mae La Ma Luang Camp during 3-4 October 2012