Environmental-Friendly Activity “Global Warming Training”

On March 22, 2012, the Environmental-Friendly Activity “Global Warming Training” was organized in Ban Mae Surin Refugee camp by COERR Mae Hong Son Staff Trainer. There were 46 refugees, 31 female and 15 male, participating in this awareness raising training which was aimed at the following objectives


1) Understanding the meaning of “Global Warming”
2) Understanding what green house gases are
3) Learning about the green house effect on global temperature
4) Learning how to save the world from Global Warming crisis
5) Practicing how to make compost from leaves and weeds for reducing “Global Warming”

This awareness raising training has been based on the fact that environmental issue concerns everybody and has effect on each of us unavoidably. Thus, it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce or prevent the causes and effects of “Global Warming”, while protecting our environment especially our forest which can mitigate the “Global Warming” through the plant transpiration.

Lecture about global warming, and how we can help improve the situation. For example, we can collect leaves falling from trees and leaves from damaged roof so as to make compost for nourishing our plants instead of burning and causing smoke which threatened our health.


Displaying how plants reduce the global warming through leaves’ transpiration and oxygen releasing during the day

Comparing temperature in the open air with the temperature under the plastic roof in which heat has been hardly released

Explaining about how to make compost

Making compost from piling dried leaves and damaged roof-leaves,
as to avoid burning leaves which would cause carbon-dioxide

The finished composting