COERR MAESOD Celebrate Elderly Day at
Mae La, Umpium and Nupo Camps

In the Thai-Myanmar border areas, COERR's Healing of Memories (HOM) project staff coordinate with the Karen Women Organization, other parties concern and volunteer groups, in organizing elderly day activities in Mae La, Umpiem and Nupo camps.

Religious ceremonies are held to begin the significant day. Then, traditional performance are shown by HOM's Youth Group and Child Protection Committee's children group. Having Lunch together and offering gifts to elderly are to end the ceremony with appreciation.

This ceremony enables elders and youth to gather together to strengthen their family tie and to allow youth to show their respect and gratitude to the elders.

The Elderly Day event was organized in Umpiem camp (305 participants) and Nupo camp (296 participants) on April 17 and in Mae La camp (500 participants) on April 18, 2012.