Community-based Disaster Preparedness Training
in Thai Villages, Mae Hong Son Province

On April 26, 2012, a training on Community-based Disaster Preparedness was held at Ban Huay Hoong Church to participants from two Thai villages, namely Ban Huay Hoong and Ban Huay Fan, numbering 60 covering 19 women and 41 men.

In addition to the knowledge about the disaster preparedness, causes of fire and prevention, an operation plan has been made by assigning group work. Each group has to draw a map of their village, identifying important places.  Then the trainer makes a conclusion and identifies where are the safe venues as meeting places that the camp population should go to when emergency situation occurs such as wildfire, floods, etc.

The outcome from the community-based disaster preparedness training is that a community-based disaster management committee has been set up in each village.  Each committee is composed of 25 committee members for disaster management, covering 5 departments i.e. Prevention and preparedness department, Warning and communication department, fire control department, evacuation department, search, rescue and relief department.

Training in the Thai Village


Training participants draw village map and present to others

The trainer demonstrates how to control and extinguish fire, and allow each participant to practice.
Tips are to divide big fire into smaller fire and put out by water or fire swatter.