To promote the refugee children and youth in proper development and protection, COERR in coordination with several concern organizations have held a workshop in Nupo camp, Tak Province during April 3-5, 2012, aiming at strengthening children's relationship, making use of their school break leisure, and equipping them with knowledge about proper behavior, danger of alcohol and drugs.

The contents of the workshop are knowledge about politics, law for kids, life skills, early marriage and recreational activities. The expected goals are to make children understand the situation and problems around them so that they can use their knowledge and wisdom to build up positive attitude and realize the value of growing with physical and mental development, leading to good adults as well as good leaders of their family and community in the future.

128 children aged 13-18 years have been participated in the child development and protection workshop in Nupho camp during April 3-5, 2012.

Child Protection and Development Training :
Opening Ceremony by Child Protection Committee (CPC)


Refugee Children Participants in this Training

Self-Introduction by Representative of each Organization

Early Marriage : Effects on Child’s Social and change, etc. by “SGBV”

Basic knowledge about child rights, followed by recreational activities by “LAC”

Life Skills Training by COERR's Trainers

General Knowledge about Ppolitics for children by "KCC"

Knowledge about danger of Alcohol and Drugs by "DARE"

Recreation by "Right to Play"

Closing Ceremony

Child Protection Committee (CPC)