Training on Child’s Rights and Protection

The second Training on ‘Child’s Righs and Protection’ during 8 – 10 March 2011


During 8-10 March, a Training on Child’s Rights and Protection has been organized by COERR to 40 Program Social Workers. The training, supported by Caritas Espanola and held at Watana Village Resort Hotel in Mae Sod District, Tak Province, aimed at providing learning skills and understanding of Child’s Rights and Protection to the staff.

The contents focused on child abuse indicators, multidisciplinary team meeting, fact finding, and providing space for children suitable for their creation and imagination. This training is the continuation of the previous training on the same topic i.e. “Child’s Righs and Protection’ held between 27-28 January 2011. In both occasions, staffs have been educated by the same team of trainers from Save the Children - UK and Foundation for Child Development.


The first Training ‘Child’s Righs and Protection’ during 27-28 January 2011