World Peace Day Celebration at Mae La

On September 21, 2011, COERR and the Mae La Peace Committee with the cooperation of the KKBBSC religious school organized the World Peace Day.

Honorable Guests were Representatives from the three main faiths: Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. Participants in this significant ceremony were also Karen Students from 17 Secondary and High Schools. Around 1,200 refugees participated in this celebration, the number of which was beyond expectation.

Outstanding activities were Peace Singing Contest by Students in their Traditional Costume, Drawing about Peace Contest, Peace Drama and Music Performed by the Karen Student Network Group and Peace Music Group, COERR’s Activity Exhibition, and eventually the Friendship Football Match between COERR, Peace Committee & Camp Leader/CBO.

The ceremony had achieved its objectives of unity and peace building among refugees and co-workers.

Meeting of Peace Committee and volunteers including the youth group
One of the agenda was to arrange for the preparation of the World Peace Day.
Dove origami folding is symbol of peace

Various Activities including Peace Singing Contest

COERR’s Activity Exhibition and the Friendship Football Teams

Representatives from the Government and Religious Sectors