COERR MAE SARIANG and the Emergency Relief for Flood Victims at Mae Lama Luang refugee camp in August 2011

During August 3-7, 2011, the heavy rainfalls in the northern part of Thailand especially in Mae Hong Son Province severely hit all refugee camps in this province. Mae Lama Luang, in particular, is a refugee camp situated on the Yuam riverside in Sob Moei District of Mae Hong Son Province and was hardest hit.
The high water level caused poor and vulnerable refugees who lived near the water way to leave their homes and stay with relatives’ houses because their houses were flooded or even swept away. After the water level is lower, some vulnerable people have tried to repair their houses while those who lost their houses continued to stay with others.

In addition to more than 259 houses that were damaged and destroyed by floods, schools in the camp were also closed for two weeks as floods damaged building and equipments and for the safety of the students. After the floods, teachers, parents and students rushed to help and repair the schools in order to resume their operation.

After the floods, survey on damages was made. Among those affected are refugee houses, rice and warehouse, school buildings and materials, libraries, agricultural areas and offices, roads and bridges. There was no report of seriously injured or death in camp. The camp has survived and now under repair. However, there was a boat accident in the fast water on the way from Mae Lama Luang to Mae La Oon camps on August 8th, resulting in a refugee death.

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Survey of road access to the camp
Roads inside and outside the camp had been either mudslides-covered or surface-eroded. How to return the access road to normal is to clear the roads, fill the holes in the surface with stones and sands,
and repair bridges so that they are passable. COERR has supported the repair work by means of some construction materials and dry food supplies.