Agricultural Promotion and Environmental Conservation Activities in the Mae Surin Refugee Camp, Mae Hong Son Province

In COERR’s efforts to help refugees to become self-reliant in food production, training in cultivation and related knowledge has been provided in all refugee camps. Every month, seeds, seedlings, tools and fertilizers have been distributed by COERR Agriculture Staff to refugee farmers so as to allow for the smooth running of cultivation activities.



Routine Vegetable Seed Checking before Distribution


In February, the weather in Mae Hong Son Province was warm and the Tueng leaves (Dipterocarpus tuberculatus Roxb.) were falling. So many refugees in Mae Surin refugee camp, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province, prefer collecting these leaves and take them home for repairing their roofs. The surplus will be sold to Thai vendors for household income. This income generation activity keeps many refugee farmers busy and away from their farming work.



Refugees pick tree leaves for roof-making


In order to encourage refugee farmers to continue farming so as to be self-reliant in food production, COERR continues to support the farmers with needed seeds and tools. In February, 32.680 kg. of seeds and 70 liter of liquid fermented bio-fertilizers were distributed to refugee farmers in Mae Surin Camp. 8,722 kg. of vegetables were harvested.



Chili had been cultivated in order to distribute seedlings to refugees so as to keep them working on their farms instead of leaving farming for the Tueng leave collection.