EU Launch Event

10 March 2023

COERR’s Integrated Organic Agriculture Project, appropriately named “Chiwit Dee Dee” (Better Life), implemented in all 9 temporary shelters enters a new phase with the support of the European Union.

Today, the EU Ambassador and representative from COERR signed an agreement for a new EU-funded project which will be implemented in the  next 3 years. This will  ensure continuity of an important project, which has had positive impacts on the lives of Myanmar  displaced  persons  by  providing  them  with valuable skills in organic agriculture that will boost their capacities to produce fresh and nutritious food products for their own consumption, for possible income generation, and for sharing with other residents in the shelters.

Building  their  capacities  for food production while living in the temporary shelters boosts their resiliency and self-reliance, and prepares them for a better future.

This  project  has  been implemented by  COER R in all 9 temporary shelters for over 20 years, and with the support of the EU,  its  food  products are expected to benefit 21% of the total population with a production expected to increase to 3,300 Metric Tons or an average of 1,100 Metric Tons per year.

Link : Press Release_EU contributes EUR 12 million in funding to help Myanmar displaced persons in Thailand